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  • 24mm Outer Diameter
  • Dual Coil RDA
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Peek Insulators
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow 
  • Unique 2 Post Coil Clamping System
  • Bottom Feeder Ready (Bottom Feed Pin Included)
  • Two Delrin Drip Tips - Standard and Wide Bore (Fits most 3rd Party Wide Bore Tips)
  • Accessory Options
  • Caps: Ultem/Delrin/Acrylic
  • Tips: Ultem Standard/Widebore


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SKU: PM002
Width: 2.25 (in)
Height: 3.25 (in)
Depth: 2.25 (in)

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Great RDA

Build quality is top notch. Easy to build on (for me atleast) and plenty of room for larger coils. Nice juice well and best of all it fits all goon/kennedy style drip tips. Bit pricey but a great RDA!

Flavor + Clouds

I've been looking for a top-clamped RDA with a squonk pin for a little while now. I'd ruled out some other options for various reasons, and was very excited when I this became available. It does not disappoint, with a roomy build deck that makes a great home for my parallel clapton builds. Like the headline says, great flavor, great clouds. Throw in the squonk (er...bottom feeder) pin and it's exactly what I wanted. Also, the build quality is just perfect.

Quality RDA

Not much to say a well built RDA. It has good flavor for a dual coil lots of air flow RDA. In my opinion its better than a Goon for flavor. Don't try and compare this to the Haladay lol. The only con I had with it is the bottom o-rings are a bit on the loose side compared to the afc ring o-rings so adjusting it can be a pain without spinning the whole topcap. Other than that one con I love this thing.

Clouds and flavor in one RDA!

Zero complaints. Top quality from top to bottom. You know you are vaping on an RDA that a lot of thought and care went into throughout the entire process of making it. You get a lot of airflow and flavor at the same time which is not usually the case. A real stand out in my collection and always at hand since I received it. Thank you Psyclone!


The Kryten is an awesome RDA. I love it. Can't go wrong with this RDA!!!!

Nice Atty!

I purchased this RDA for my first squonk box. Box wont be here for a bit and I planned on shelving the Kryten till then. An hour later I caved and I havent stopped usuing it since . SUPER easy for me to build on. I Like hot builds and open airflow. Right now im running dual tri core aliens, 5 wraps at .09 -.08 with the airflow wide open and its like heaven! This thing CHUCKS and Im getting great flavor out of this atty. Super pleased Only having this for under a week I put it right up there in my top 3 attys battling the Goon (my favorite) for the top spot. I dont see myself putting the Kryten away for a while. May have to buy another one when they drop more color options.

Holding its own.

It doesn't require comparison to other attys , flavor is amazing, vapor production is up there with the best ones,hit dicipation is good, it looks sexy in any of my regulated mods. It is definitely holding its own.

Not your average dripper

The clamps are much easier to use than you'd expect. The flathead screw are such a welcome surprise. You can fit ANYTHING in this dripper. It eats up 3mm framed staples. I want to try 4mm triple core fused claptons, I'm sure they will fit. There is so much airflow in this atty and the inner chamber is pretty big so the flavor isn't amazing but it is very good still. Squonking is probably the best way to use this atty, though I haven't tried it. Dripping down the center isn't ideal because of the squonk feature. It's stepped up in the middle so you may not get your eliquid to both sides evenly. It still works, no issues there but it's also very easy to just paint the coils. The kryten is as tall as it is wide so it looks better than most drippers. Nice thick metal, good weight to it. Goon/Kennedy drip tips fit great in here but I really like the super wide drip tip that it comes with.