Battery Replacement for Psyclone Evo 



Battery Replacement for Psyclone EVO

Once your unit arrives at Psyclone HQ, our tech team will inspect and diagnose your device. Depending on what parts your device will require to repair you can pay for your service/repair here.


*Only purchase this once instructed by our Tech Team at Psyclone Mods*


**This is not for the sale of a Battery, please do not provide this link to others**

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Battery Replacement

Great battery, excellent customer service! Mod was repaired and shipped back lightning fast! The whole psyclone team is outstanding!


I had the pleasure of buying a replacement battery from these guys just the other day. Imagine my surprise getting an email a few minutes later, mind you it's Saturday evening. So I get the shipping info send it out, and it's done in one day. They sent it back 2 day shipping. Awesome awesome service. Love it.